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Logistic manager/Production Orders Administrator (remote)


Who we are: Xometry is the world's largest on-demand production platform that is disrupting the manufacturing industry. Our international network of over 4,000 partners enables us to offer a wide range of processing technologies: CNC processing, sheet metal processing, 3D printing and others. Xometry's customers include Бмв, Bosch, Dell Technologies, General Electric and NASA. Our business model: By the efforts of our Sales and Marketing team we receive hundreds of orders for production every day - from individual metal products to spare parts for the world's leading electric car manufacturer. These orders are distributed through our network of manufacturing partners. Our Operational team monitors the execution and delivery to customers and payment control, and resolves problem cases if they happen. And the majority of processes part of process are automated with our own IT platform combining features of Market Place, CRM and ERP. Thanks to its flexibility, speed and scalability, our model of decentralized production successfully competes with classic mechanical engineering companies. We are growing rapidly and expanding our business, both geographically and technologically. We are looking for: Logistic manager/Production Order Administrator who will strengthen our Operations team. The ultimate goal of this role is taking care of production orders execution through our manufacturing partners network and resolving all the unexpected issues encountered during this production process (see company business model description for more details). Responsibilities:
Supervision of the processing of production orders, documentation in internal CRM and ERP systems. Selection of suitable contractors in the database of the production partners. Support of the manufacturing process: control of dates and dispatch, organization of delivery and quality control of the products. Tracking payments, working with customers. Solving problems and special cases with customers and manufacturers that occur during order processing. Achieve results despite the difficulties encountered.
A successful candidate:

Primary requirement: Speaks fluently and conducts business correspondence (at level of B2 or higher) in English and at least in one of the following languages: German or French. Has at least 1 year of relevant experience (procurement / logistics / order management). Experience in working with engineering orders as well as experience with transactional IT systems for the automation of sales, production and logistics processes are an advantage. Is ready to solve problems that differ from the base scenario. Shows willingness to work overtime (paid). Is available for urgent questions outside of business hours. Want to work in a fast growing business environment. Is willing to systematise own work, to participate in the task of process automation. Has a comfortable workplace with stable internet access and the possibility to participate in conference calls (position is 100% home office).
Working conditions:
Permanent remote work. Home office. Annual contract. 8-hour working day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by Germany time (GMT+1). Laptop is provided and communication costs are reimbursed. Paid overtime. Paid holiday of 28 calendar days. Salary based on the results of the interview.

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